The 3 Content Buckets You Need To Have In Your Instagram Strategy

Friend, if you’ve ever found yourself drawing a blank with what to post on Instagram or struggling to post consistently, we hear ya! 

Without the right strategy or approach, posting to Instagram can be a bit of a guessing game. Scrambling for what to post leaves you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. What should be a fun opportunity to connect with your ideal customer has instead turned into a task you dread.

Can relate? Keep reading.

What if we told you that there is a method behind what you should be posting that could save you hours?

Not only that, but this approach will also help you plan your content ahead of time so that you can post confidently and consistently. 

Imagine how you would feel being able to plan your Instagram 2 weeks ahead. You would feel relieved to finally be spending less time worrying about what to post and more time servicing your clients and growing your business.

Well, cozy up because today we’re sharing how.

Introducing, Content Buckets.

To put it simply, think of content buckets as your content categories. Categorizing your content takes it from dreaded time suck to streamlined process so you can get back to your zone of genius faster. Once you’re able to “bucket” or “group” your content into topics, you’ll have a simplified approach that is consistent, establishes credibility and most importantly, is repeatable.

If you are a business owner, there are 3 essential content buckets that need to be a part of your Instagram strategy ASAP. And we’re going to cover each one.

Content Buckets:

  • Social Proof (Testimonials, stories)
  • Your Face/Personal (photo of you + share something relatable)
  • Your work (bts, portfolio, new or old project)

Social Proof:

People like to buy from brands that other people buy from. Use a post to share a testimonial from a client, a before and after story, or even just profile one of your happy customers on your feed. The goal is to share their success and elevate them and in doing so you will establish credibility and validation for your brand.

Example: User Generated Content, Product or Service Review

Your Face/Personal:

Now more than ever, people want to feel a connection to the brands they follow. Letting them know that there is a real person behind the social feed with real struggles and flaws (just like them)! can build strong brand loyalty and a platform for a dedicated tribe. Share your story—they want to hear from you! 

Example: Triumphs and Failures, People in your life that inspire you

Sample caption: @shaycochrane here!!! It’s been a minute since I shared any fun personal facts here so in the spirit of transparency, I thought it would be fun/embarrassing to share the last 5 things I’ve googled. ????⌨️????????‍♀️
1. “Does drinking lemon ???? water in the morning actually do anything?”
(Just this morning as I was drinking my lemon water/ ACV/cayenne pepper morning drink)
2. “Is La Croix bad for you?” ????
3. “Sausage Frittata recipe”
4. “How to put parental controls on Tick Tock” (parents of pre-teens will understand ????????‍♀️)
5. “How to come off the pill for good”

Okay – if you are brave – what’s the last thing you googled!?! I’d LOVE to hear! (No judgment here!) And if you really want to have fun – tag someone whose “last thing googled” you’d like to hear! ????‍♀️ ????

Happy Friday friends!!! #fridayintroductions

Your work:

Authenticity is king and since people buy from brands they trust, showcasing the love you put behind your product or service is key. Take your audience behind the curtain and use this opportunity to sell without being salesy through storytelling. 

Example: Share the process and the results or how this is helping others

Now you have 3 vital content categories to cycle through each week.

We know that if you add these topics into your mix you will save time in your content creation process and will lay the groundwork for showing up consistently. Repetition is the key to mastery and consistency will help you build credibility with your ideal customer.

Tell us how you’ll be using these content buckets in the comments below.

Want to know the other 5 essential content buckets you need? Download our free guide:

  1. Kristen says:

    This post will definitely help us incorporate some great content into our existing content plans! This type of content makes biz social media pages so much more interesting!

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