Part marketing strategy + accountability and part visual marketing catalog!
We’ve made some MAJOR changes to Social Square to make it a membership unlike any other. Moving forward, we’ve designed our membership to help you cut through the noise and get down to foundational, proven tactics across all marketing channels that will give you the best return on the investment of your precious time and resources. Think beautiful images + powerful strategy!

Social Squares members now enjoy:
  1. Exclusive mentoring with Shay during our monthly LIVE Office Hour
  2. A monthly video training masterclass with Shay and our very own Growth Strategist
  3. Monthly community-based challenges to see measurable growth in your business
  4. Incredible marketing guides from our own team (and industry experts) representing years of proven experience and success!
the best feminine styled stock for online brands

Each quarter of the year will have an overarching topic and each month within that quarter covers a key component in-depth so that by the end of the month you have a tried and tested marketing strategy for your business! Here’s what we will cover:

  1. Email Marketing to include creating a compelling opt-in, sales funnels that convert and how to get leads from Instagram.
  2. Pinterest Marketing to include high-conversion pinning and the latest on how to succeed with the MAJOR algorithm change that happened recently.
  3. Instagram Marketing including essential content buckets, caption writing and increasing your engagement.
  4. Content Marketing including how to get clients in the door consistently with free content.
And the very best part is that the price hasn’t changed! It’s still the same low $25 a month (or just $20 a month for our annual subscribers!)

Social Squares membership is now better than ever. Give it a try today!

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