How The Best Influencers Find Images For Social


Like FOMO, Grid Envy is real. And, I think I had it. 


Every time I would scroll through Instagram and saw the plethora of spectacular photos, I couldn’t help but wonder how in the world do these people have the time to take all these photos…and run a successful business…and have a beautiful family? And where did they get funding for a six figure travel budget?  


Then, I found Social Squares and figured out the secret to their social success. In reality, the people I used to envy aren’t using their own photos. That’s right. Those photos aren’t theirs. Instead, their social media posts are littered with styled stock photos like the ones from Social Squares. It’s the best trick in the book!


Besides getting back time, money and energy, you can present a cohesive brand story to your followers by using stock photos! Social Squares is one of many options for stock photo options. And we’re #1 in image quality for a reason: Our A-list members don’t want cheesy, poorly shot or over-used stock photos. We know your brand reputation matters! 


Built for female entrepreneurs, Social Squares offers more than 5,000 images for members to use. What’s more, every month we add more than 100 new images and share 30 Instagram caption templates. If you value the opportunity to be part of an exclusive community and get digital marketing training like this video from Kat Schmoyer, founder & host of Creative at Heart, planning her Instagram Feed with Social Squares, we invite you to join us.


We think the best influencers are using Social Squares, and you will too when you check out our testimonials from marketing guru Jenna Kutcher and inspiring thought leader Marie Forleo! They are both members (and highly recommend Social Squares).



Learn to curate images for a polished grid in this a Q + A with image curator Katie.


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