No matter which corner of the internet you turn to, there’s likely an educator in your space singing high praises for email marketing and urging you to focus on building your email list, and if there’s not—let us be the ones!!!

Email gets 4x’s the ROI than other marketing channels. 

It deserves your attention, girl!

There’s a couple of reasons why email is such a powerful marketing tactic:

  1. Unlike other audiences, your email list audience sits further down the sales funnel making them a more “primed” or “warm” audience to sell to. They are already in a stage of their relationship with you where they’re more likely to buy.
  2. You’re in control. With email marketing, you don’t have to worry about a changing algorithm or paying to reach your target audience. Your target customer has willingly signed up to hear from you and you can choose when and how frequently to reach them.

Now that we know why email marketing is important for your small business, let’s talk about how to get them on your list by using lead magnets and the four critical components to your lead magnet’s success. 

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What are lead magnets?

Lead magnets, also known as opt-ins or freebies, are something of value that you give to a target audience in exchange for their email address. 

When created correctly, lead magnets are extremely effective at capturing the right audience that’s ready to buy from you. And bonus, they help to establish your credibility and authority by positioning you as a thought-leader and expert in your niche.

So, what makes a good lead magnet?

Unlike social media growth hacks or vague strategies, there’s a solid framework to follow to ensure your lead magnet is compelling to your target customer and effective at capturing their email address. Here are 4 important factors to consider to make sure your lead magnet checks all the right boxes:


It should create a quick win or desired result

The most important factor is that your lead magnet solves an issue or a problem that your target audience is having.



It should clearly state the benefits of your solution

Whatever benefits your lead magnet is offering, be specific about them because this will lead to more engagement/leads.


Ex: “Save time”, “Sleep better”, “Stay organized”


It should be clear and tangible value

Don’t be vague. Showcase the offering of your lead magnet in a manner that displays a high value. This will attract more people.


Ex: Bad: “How to lose weight fast” Good: “Lose 5lbs in 7 days without any exercise”


It should be directly related to the paid content or service that you sell

It’s important to check that the value you’re giving away for free is tied to what you do as a business and is a preview of the type of content your lead can expect from you in the future.



So tell us? Do you have a lead magnet and what are you offering in it?


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