8 Compelling Lead Magnets for Growing Your Email List

We’re disrupting the norm and thinking a bit beyond your standard guide or PDF. While that works really great for some business models, writing an entire guide can be intimidating or overwhelming for a busy small business owner. And with the ever-changing world and our access to tech, we have some new opportunities to explore that might play better to our unique strengths to deliver free value to our potential customers. The following are the 8 most compelling types of lead magnets that you can use for growing your email list today.

  1. Canva Templates

If you know how to navigate Canva like a pro this a great, creative option for a lead magnet. We have so much content to create, little time and sometimes, small budgets! Giving people a taste of your design prowess through a template that they are in need of (social, checklist, Pinterest) puts you at a huge advantage.

Best for: Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Photographers, Social Media Content Creators

  1. Zoom Backgrounds

Thanks to quarantine, it’s safe to assume we’ve had to jump on a Zoom meeting at one point or another.  As we’re all using the tool and finding ways to get creative with it, I can’t think of a more fun, valuable & easy lead magnet to grow your list in a snap than creating fun Zoom backgrounds!

Best for: Graphic Designers, Illustrators, and Photographers

  1. Resource Guide

A resource guide is a collection of things that can help your target customer achieve some results, like tools you love or shopping list.

Best for: Social Media Managers, Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers, Freelancers

  1. Prompts or Scripts

Is wordsmithery your thing? If your customers need something to help them write or speak, then the scripts and prompts are an excellent option!

Best for: Copywriters

  1. Facebook Group

Facebook groups are lead magnets that can be used by almost everyone to increase their email lists! It’s a very simple but effective lead magnet that can produce phenomenal results. If you are an educator, you can offer a private Facebook group that offers a free study plan for your course or program or serves as the hub for your students to mingle.

Best for: Educators & just about anyone looking to teach & cultivate a community

  1. Masterclass or Mini-Courses

A powerful lead magnet that works wonders in increasing your email list is to offer a mini-course, think 5-7 micro-videos or a 30-60 minute masterclass. Walk your target customer through your process or deep-dive into a topic you’re an expert in. This is a great way to truly showcase your leadership in your space.

Best for: Educators/Everyone

  1. Quizzes!

If you’re someone like me, then you know how fun quizzes can be! I mean, who doesn’t know which Disney character they are?! But seriously, quizzes are fun, easy and when used by small business owners, incredibly effective. We love this strategy so much we’re writing an entire post about it soon!

Best for: Everyone

  1. Free Consultation.

If your biz is on the more boutique or custom end, this is a great way for you to grow your list by giving your target customer 1:1 access to you! You can designate the free consultation to cover a mini audit, a small improvement or a quick convo around one of your service offerings.

Best for: Service-based businesses

Lead Magnets Are the Key to Email List Growth

So, you have all the essential information on what lead magnets are and how they are going to help you grow your email list in the most effective way. No matter what type of business you have, this is a marketing tactic that is one-size-fits-all. You can and do have something of value to offer your target customer and we hope these ideas inspired you to create something wonderful. We hope this blog post helped you understand the importance of lead magnets and how you can use them to grow your list. Let us know in the comments if you found this helpful!


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