What Do Your Images for Social Say About Your Brand?

First impressions have always been important. And, you’ll never get a second chance at that great first impression. 

You know it’s paramount.  But, do you know how many seconds you actually have to make that first impression?  According to researchers, you don’t even have one second.  It’s a split second – 1/10 of a second, to be exact.

Today, entrepreneurs who wait to make that first pivotal impression in person— to someone visiting your store or meeting you in person at a function— won’t survive. Don’t wait to knock the socks off of everyone who sees you online. We want you to not only survive but THRIVE!

Think about it. 

What do you do as soon as you hear about a cool business or new product? Like the rest of us, you check out their social media, right then and there!  Social media brings new potential customers to you every day; it’s the first impression they have of your brand. Don’t risk it being their last engagement with you!

Images quickly convey clues about your brand’s personality, attitude, trustworthiness, fashion sense, quality, lifestyle and more!  But you don’t want to confuse anyone with mixed messages. In choosing images, good marketers consider what they want potential customers to think when they engage with their brands.  Exceptional marketers also consider how they want their customers to feel when engaging with the brand.

To optimize your online presence, your images, color palette, products, services and copy should consistently represent you and your brand. Customers build relationships with brands they perceive as high quality and professional. There is no room for blurry pictures that are out of focus or dark, poorly lit images. That’s why our social stock images are all perfectly lit. They quite literally help you position your brand in the very best light!

Once you do that, your social media looks fantastic. Your brand colors are showing in your feed, you’re highlighting your work and creating great first impressions. What’s next? 

Consistency. Being vigilant in how your brand is represented is respectful to your brand and your customers. Don’t disappoint them with confusing content that strays from the brand. Show  customers that you take care by engaging them with intentionality and they will care, too. 

In addition, we urge you to think ahead and be consistent in your posting schedule!  Anyone can get super motivated. But, resist the temptation to post all of your pictures at once, then disappear and leave your customers in the dark for the next 3 months.  Be reliable and consistent.  Don’t disappoint.

Check out our blog about finding the perfect stock photos for your brand that can help you when you get stuck: https://www.elevaevisuals.com/articles/the-easy-way-to-find-stock-images-that-are-perfect-for-your-brand/


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