Three 2020 Social Media Trends We’re Loving

An immersive shoppable Instagram feed for your small business


Product shops, listen up!


Ever visit your favorite brand on Instagram and notice they have a little shopping bag on the image? That means that post is ‘shoppable’. If you’ve ever clicked the photo, it gives you the product information and takes you to a separate landing page so you can complete the purchase.


Out of this world right? And if you’re saying—that’s old news, well, you’re kinda right, BUT, Instagram has upped it’s own game and on March of 2019 introduced the world to checkout. Now you can buy directly from your feed without ever leaving the platform. Game changer!


There’s a huge drop off from IG to external links and your audience has to be superrrrr committed to you and your brand in order to exit the platform, by allowing the transaction to take place right in the app Instagram is facilitating the eCommerce relationship so that you can close more sales.


If you were thinking of leaving IG behind this year, don’t! They are investing heavily in becoming an eCommerce platform which can only mean the algorithm will soon start playing favorites. Hint. Hint.


Don’t believe us? Just look at this iconic campaign with Celine Dion just to showcase what shopping inside of Instagram can do!


Facebook Groups making a huge comeback! Like, HUGE!


Don’t leave that Facebook group just yet!


Did you know that last year Mark Z himself announced that Facebook Groups will become Facebook’s new “future”? Say what?! Whatever does he mean?!


Well, he’s so committed to the power of niche community that Groups is now at the bottom navigation of your app and Group posts get promoted on your feed more often. Remember when they were testing that and all you were seeing were posts from your Groups? Yikes! Small little bump in the road but all seems to be more balanced now.


While Business Pages are certainly pay-to-play and businesses have taken a serious hit in terms of engagement and visibility, the same isn’t true for Groups and there’s a lot of untapped potential. If you think of Groups like the old-school Business Profiles, that will change your entire approach and strategy. Groups offer you the ability to nurture your community in a special way, much like you do with your newsletter content. With Groups, you have the opportunity to reach more of Facebook’s 2.7 Billion users so now is the time to make this a strategic move for your business this year.


Social Media going back to being social


So what do we REALLY think about Instagram getting rid of Likes?




We have been conditioned to care about vanity metrics since they were introduced to us in 2010. That’s 10 years of ‘posting for likes’ and 10 years of comparison and measuring our worth by the number of likes and comments on a tiny little square. Woah. If you think that’s heavy, Facebook’s CEO, Adam Mosseri seems to agree:


“The idea is to try to depressurize Instagram, make it less of a competition, and give people more space to focus on connecting with the people they love and things that inspire them.”


Instagram is focusing on mental health and we’re here for it.


Make 2020 the year that you stop freaking out about an algorithm change and start posting high-quality content that brings you closer to your dreamy clients. Let this be the year that you show up authentically and unapologetically you.


And now that there is a bigger emphasis on quality content rather than quantity, we’re here to help with those attention-grabbing images that you’ll need.


Tell us in the comments which trend you’re most excited to see!


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