The Secret to Identifying and Engaging with Your Dream Client on Instagram

How to identify and engage with your dream client on Instagram


Want in on a super simple marketing tactic you can start right now to attract more dreamy clients? Assuming your dream client hangs out on IG, of course!. We’re sharing a few of our best quick and easy tips to identifying and connecting with your dream client on Insta so keep reading.


Identifying Your Client

If you are reading this and are already shaking in your boots just thinking about how to identify your dream client, don’t worry! We got you!

First things first, click here to download our Who Is She? Client Calculator. 

This little tool will help you navigate through the process of identifying your client. Trust us; once you know who you’re talking to, it will be so much easier to connect with them!

How to identify and engage with your dream client on Instagram


Step 1: Develop an Ideal Client Persona

Ask yourself, “Who exactly would use and benefit from my product or service?” 

Who is your product created for? Do they live locally, or does location even matter? 

Use our client calculator and develop a target persona (also sometimes referred to as your “ideal customer avatar”). You’re basically creating a fictional customer, writing down key points about them from their name to a phrase they might use. This “persona” becomes who you write and speak to in everything from your website copy to your Instagram captions to your blog posts and newsletters.

It’s a lot easier than it sounds.

Often times the best way to develop and speak to your target persona is to think about one specific ideal customer that you already have! Who is your all-time best customer to date?  The one who has been with you from the beginning?  The one who buys everything you put out?  You probably already have one ideal dream customer that you have worked with in the past.  Use her to create this ideal customer persona that you keep in mind every time you engage online!


Step 2: Analyze Existing Followers

This applies if you already have a following on Instagram. You can take a peek at your existing audience insights to get an idea of who already follows you- gender, age, location, etc.. Check out this blog post to learn how to access your audience insights.

Browse through your follower’s profiles and make a note of their interests and personality type.

Not active on Insta yet? No worries. Look to your other social media accounts (like Twitter or Facebook) for inspiration.

Pro Secret: check out other similar brand’s social media followers. Pick a brand that you find aspirational and analyze who follows them.


Step 3: Stop. Check Yourself

Honestly, one of the easiest ways to identify your dream client is to stop and check yourself. Let me explain the secret. 

This involves looking at your own product or service and asking yourself, “Would I buy this?” If your answer is yes, then ask yourself the following set of questions:

“Who am I?

What do I like?

What are my interests?”

“How does this product meet a real felt need for me?” 

“What is it about me that makes me a great fit as a customer?”


You are a reflection of your own company, so more often than not, your dream client shares similar interests, beliefs, morals, and values as you do.

If you sell handmade dog sweaters, then you obviously love animals and so does your target client. Get the idea?

When in doubt, check yourself.

How to identify and engage with your dream client on Instagram


Engaging & Connecting

Ok, now that you have pinpointed the type of client you want to attract, the real work begins- engaging and connecting with them. Connecting with your dream client on Instagram takes more than a few carefully curated posts and emoji drops on someone’s photo. 


Step 1: Stay Consistent

Nowadays, social media is all about actively engaging and building community. What is really going to make the difference is consistency. 

Get in a groove and follow through with your schedule, and you will start to see the ROI of your efforts.

Consistency is key in developing trust and instilling confidence with potential clients. It also helps to further drive your message through repetition. 

Be intentional and be in it for the long-haul. 


Step 2: Create a Branded #

Don’t skip this step! Creating your own branded hashtag is an easy strategy that you should start using now! It is a fabulous way to promote your brand image and build a community at the same time.

Your branded hashtag can even work like a call-to-action, encouraging engagement with your brand.

A major plus of consistently using your brand-specific hashtag is that your IG followers will see it and come to associate you with the hashtag phrase- aka a secret way to get customers to remember you.

The best part? Branded hashtags help to serve as a catalog for IRL customer content, social proof and testimonials. It’s a great so


Step 3: Join the Conversation

Don’t be shy; make the first move and start a conversation! Include questions in your posts to directly prompt a response from your community. Head to this post for our favorite calls to action that you can include in your Instagram captions.

And, if you see a conversation occurring amongst your social world, join it! Put your beautiful voice out there for all to witness. 

Not only does this build engagement and reputation, but it also shows your dream clients that you are a REAL person who they can connect with.

Sometimes it all begins with a conversation. Open up. Connect.


Ready to cultivate a community that is active, engaged and genuinely interested in your product or service? Download our free guide for our expert tips.

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