Save Your Small Business Time with Social Stock Images

While it’s true that time is money, perhaps Benjamin Franklin’s aphorism from his 1748 essay “Advice to a Young Tradesman” is due for an update. To small business owners, especially female entrepreneurs with a family, time is EVERYTHING these days! There simply aren’t enough hours in a day to accomplish everything. And, most of us feel bad about that. If you ever feel like you’re failing when you can’t get everything done, read on…

Three resources that are always vital to your business yet usually insufficient to meet the demand for them are time, money and energy. But, to a small business owner like yourself, these scarce resources are essential not only to your business but to your well-being, too. Finding ways to save time, money and energy will help you find the balance you need to get it all done.

Social media is a powerful tool that can help you build brand awareness, reach new customers and sell more goods and services.  In fact, last year most people spent 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media every day, which is great for your business.  Entrepreneurs and social media marketers are spending a lot more time not only on social media platforms, but on preparing content to publish social media. To get posts organized into cohesive brand stories, some folks spend hours that stretch into days trying to get every last detail just right. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. Social media can be fun outlet for personal enjoyment but when it’s time to switch gears, get serious and run our businesses, there’s no time to waste.  One of the best ways to save time, while increasing the quality of your business’ social media presence is with social stock photos. With superb search functionality featuring key parameters that return highly relevant options that you can customize to make your own, social stock photos are a huge time saver!

But wait…there’s more.  When you pair social stock images with scheduling platforms like Buffer, Planoly or Hootsuite, you can become a Powerhouse Planner, creating content weeks or even months in advance of when you push it—saving time and energy!  

Remember, no one makes good decisions when they’re worn out.  You need your energy to make important business decisions, and take care of tasks that only you can do. Don’t waste energy looking for needles in haystacks, or trying to capture the perfect photo that highlights your brand color all by yourself.


Have a game plan to source stock photos instead of batching content. Make a shot list of the images you need. Consider your color palette, style and brand story. Then, schedule time to search the Social Squares treasure chest of images. Ok, it’s a database but come ‘on – we curate every image in there to make sure it’s full of gems!

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