May Vibes: Trending Aesthetic Visuals for Female Entrepreneurs

As summer approaches, our May gallery is brimming with stunning styled stock photography perfect for female entrepreneurs. Featuring themes of motherhood, high-fashion, chic interiors, childhood nostalgia, human connection, and summer prep, with a touch of ‘Plant Mom’ energy. 

screenshot of our image curator's computer screen showing may drops of high fashion, pastels, motherhood, and city imagery

We’re loving the way a soft pastel palette runs through the new imagery, from iridescent bubbles to vanilla-kissed Soho vibes and dreamy cotton candy skies. This month promises inspiration, and we can’t wait to see how our members make these visuals their own.

grid of 9 high fashion images in blacks, greys, taupes, and metallics

Let’s dive into some examples of how these visuals can align with your brand and visually hook your audience. 

  1. Motherhood Moments:
    • Visual Hook: Evoke emotional connection and relatability.
    • Brand Alignment: Perfect for brands targeting family-oriented or lifestyle niches.
  2. High-Fashion Aesthetics:
    • Visual Hook: Capture attention with stylish, on-trend visuals.
    • Brand Alignment: Ideal for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. 
  3. Elevated Interiors:
    • Visual Hook: Showcase sophistication and aspirational living.
    • Brand Alignment: Great for interior design, real estate, home decor, and luxury brands.
  4. Nostalgic Childhood Scenes:
    • Visual Hook: Tap into emotions and fond memories.
    • Brand Alignment: Suitable for family-focused or nostalgic brands.
  5. Human Connection Shots:
    • Visual Hook: Highlight warmth and interpersonal relationships.
    • Brand Alignment: Effective for community-driven and personal development brands.
  6. Summer Prep Visuals:
    • Visual Hook: Get your audience excited for the season ahead.
    • Brand Alignment: Perfect for travel, lifestyle, and seasonal product brands.
  7. Plant Mom Themes:
    • Visual Hook: Appeal to the growing trend of plant care and home gardening.
    • Brand Alignment: Ideal for wellness, lifestyle, and eco-friendly brands.
  8. Pastel Palettes:
    • Visual Hook: Create a soothing and visually appealing aesthetic.
    • Brand Alignment: Great for brands focusing on calm, serene, feminine or delicate themes.
  9. Iridescent Bubbles:
    • Visual Hook: Add a playful and magical element to your visuals.
    • Brand Alignment: Suitable for brands targeting a youthful or whimsical audience.
  10. Cotton Candy Skies:
    • Visual Hook: Use dreamy and ethereal imagery to captivate.
    • Brand Alignment: Ideal for inspirational, aspirational, or dreamy brand narratives.

There’s a lot more where these came from! Get inside the membership and join the party. 
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