How To Simplify Your Solopreneur Business With Automation 

“I’m so busy and overwhelmed.” 

“I’m not consistent enough.”

“I’m spending too much time on X, so I don’t have time for Y.”

Listen, we get it! We hear this all the time from business owners.

When you first start your business, you’re going to be the one in charge of marketing, content creation, images, customer support, accounting, and more. You wear all the hats to the party. 

Being a solopreneur is no easy job and takes true passion and dedication to make it to the other side. 

With so many tools and resources out there for business owners, automating your repetitive tasks has never been easier. 

In this post, we’re sharing what automation means and looks like in a business, the benefits of it, and how to use stock images to automate so that you can grow your business and make money in your sleep. 

What Even Is Automation? 

Have you ever received a birthday coupon from your favorite store? Or a “we’ve received your message and will get back to you soon” email right after filling out a customer service request form? 

These types of emails are automated messages, and they allow businesses to send out emails to streamline the communication process between them and their customers. That way, they can send emails to hundreds of people at one time instead of sending individual emails. 

However, automation is not reserved to just emails. 

Automating in your business simply means having systems in place for your repetitive processes so that you can focus your time and energy on tasks that you enjoy doing and push the needle forward.

With the right tools and systems, you can automate anything in your business from social media posting to selling to customer service. Download our free guide for our take on the 5 things every solopreneur should automate.

The Benefits Of Automating In Your Business

Whether you’re starting out on your entrepreneurial journey or you already have some experience under your belt, it’s important to review the processes in your business and see if there are any that you can automate. 

When you automate these repetitive tasks you gain back time, become more efficient, and find balance. Most importantly, having systems and processes in place that replace you allows you to work more ON your business instead of IN it.

Let’s talk about social media. You spend around 5-6 hours or more every week creating captions for Instagram posts, taking and editing your photos, finding the best hashtag groups, uploading the photos to Instagram, engaging with your audience, and so on.

Aa a business owner, you know this can take forever, and is one of the reasons you may not be as consistent on social media as you’d like to be. 

You can easily cut your content creation time in half (or more) by using a social media scheduling platform such as Later to schedule your posts ahead of time, freeing you up to work on more strategic parts of your business. 

Not only will you gain back your time, but you’ll also ensure you’re reaching your customers or clients at the right time and not only when you remember to post. 

How To Use Stock Images To Automate 

Your website and other social media platforms can have amazing copy, but if your pictures are all over the place and lack cohesiveness and polish, you may lose people before they get to your copy. 

Right now, you’re probably taking your own photos or using the same free website everyone else uses for stock photos. 

You may not have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on a brand photoshoot every time you need a new set of photos to post. And using the same stock website as everyone else isn’t helping you stand out. 

Searching for, creating, styling, and editing images for Instagram, your blog, Facebook, Pinterest, and newsletters should be a process that you don’t have to worry about. You should delegate that to us here at Social Squares!  

Our members rave over the wide variety of professional, high-quality photos that our stock membership provides. We add fresh stock photos to our exclusive stock photo library every week so you’ll never have to worry about running out of on-brand images. 

Instead of spending hours creating, editing, and searching for images for your next social media post, use our stock gallery to increase the perceived value of your business, attract ideal clients, and focus on your zone of genius!

This isn’t your average stock membership. Our members also get access to exclusive monthly video masterclasses, strategy guides, live Q+A calls, and other business training to help build lasting, profitable businesses. 

What are you waiting for? Join our stock membership here. 

Automating our business with the right tools and systems in place makes being a solopreneur 10x easier. Tell us, what are you automating in your business? And if you need ideas, download our free guide below.

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