How to Post Lifestyle Content without Taking New Photos

A popular buzzword these days is “lifestyle content.” Everybody throws it out in conversation. But, if you ask someone to define exactly what they mean when they use the term, you’ll hear a lot of hemming and hawing. You may even see some fancy footwork as they dance around the topic. Or you may hear my favorite reply, “…well, you’ll know it when you see it.”  

So exactly what is lifestyle content? Let’s talk about it!  

Lifestyle content is written, visual and audio content that feature style elements of everyday life. As a testament to its growth and popularity, lifestyle content is now a social media genre. It’s everywhere.  Think about it. Who hasn’t seen a photo of incredible food someone is about to eat? You’ll probably see a trend if you also look at images of their home or living spaces, and vacation destinations. Maybe the images are rustic and outdoorsy. Or the creator features images of smoothies, working out in their home gym, and crossing the finish line at a big city marathon. 


Lifestyle content is extremely popular because it shows authenticity. But, it’s also labor-intensive, requiring you to constantly take, edit and share images, videos, and audio of each moment. Some creators go to extremes and stage every single image – so much for authenticity!

Well, there’s a better way.  It just takes some planning and next-generation stock photography.  We say “next-gen” because stock photography is NOT what it used to be. At least Social Squares styled stock is not.  For example, you won’t find cookie-cutter images of people standing next to a printer in a bunch of different poses.

Instead, styled stock includes images of beautifully crafted desks, art, vacations, packing for a trip, wellness, etc. You simply choose the ones that reflect your personal style and brand.  In other words, styled stock becomes authentic lifestyle content when you are intentional in choosing your selected images. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t take the photo. You chose it over all the others! What’s more, your brand-right captions that reflect your lifestyle will speak volumes to your audience. 

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