How to Get the Most Out of Your Social Content

We always love hearing how styled stock photos are saving our Social Squares community a ton of time. That’s terrific. But it’s just one of the many benefits of using social stock!  Around here, we consider cutting in half the time you spend creating content to be the tip of the benefits iceberg. What’s really exciting is that once you look a little deeper, the benefits can provide game changing results.

Let’s take a look!  

Presenting a consistent message and visual story are important to your brand so we’ve made it easy to quickly resize your images to use your content on multiple platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, your website and anywhere you need images.

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Power Tip: 

If you’ve ever wondered if a post might perform differently if it was posted on another day, at another time, with different hashtags or captions, we encourage you to consider “A/B Testing” which lets you compare 2 variables against each other. For example you could create identical posts for the same day and time, then compare how each performs. You could also change the captions to see if there is a difference in how your followers respond.

When you compare the results with a critical eye and look for patterns or trends, you can learn powerful insights that you can apply to future posts. What’s more, it’s valuable to know what variables don’t make a difference. 

Know your audience on each platform and write captions that will resonate with them. Consider what captions over the last six month have received the most engagement. Does your audience like to be asked questions or provide input? Perhaps they do on one platform but not the others. Do they like humor and whimsy or exciting drama? What’s their favorite color of the season? If you don’t know, just ask.

 Tell stories. Audiences love good stories and if you’re not sharing yours, they will listen to your competitors’ stories. If storytelling is new to you, it may feel awkward at first. Don’t worry – the best storytellers will tell you that they perfect their craft by observing audience reactions and refining their delivery to please them. 

Start by understanding your audiences and what they enjoy reading on each platform. Be authentic in everything you say and do, and see how they respond. When your let your audiences inspire you, you’ll be able to delight them whether they’re on your site, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

We always recommend that you identify your ideal audience and learn as much as you can about them. Are they following you and are you getting new followers regularly? If not, you can test some new approaches to creating shareable content using social stock. 

Consider current posts that have been shared the most. What do these posts have in common? Look at all the variables – when it was sent, colors, hashtags, captions, tone, etc. to identify why so many people shared it. Creating posts that people share with their followers is powerful because they result in third-party endorsements for your brand that will help you increase your followers, sales and market share.

You may find that you have an unexpected niche. Perhaps your audience on one platform skews older and another skews younger. Use this insight to adapt to those audiences. 

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