How to Choose the Best Promotional Imagery For YOUR Brand

Images have a fantastic way of bringing life to your brand and your promotions. The photos you select have the critical task of helping your audience digest and understand what you are selling more easily. Essentially, the imagery you choose for your promotions tells a story, and you get to decide what that story is! This article will explain the important things you need to know to choose the best promotional imagery for YOUR brand.

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Now let’s go!

01. Outline your goal

Before you can even start selecting your promotional imagery, you’ll need to outline your promotion’s overall objective. Your overall goal will play a role in what kind of images you will use in your promotional content. 

Some examples of promotional goals could include:

  • Strengthening your online presence
  • Making a certain number of sales
  • Increasing brand awareness 
  • Growing your customer base

02. Define your audience

You will also need to consider who your audience is. In other words, who do you want this promotion to resonate with, and who is your ideal client. An image that appeals to millennials is not the same as imagery you’d use to reach Gen Z’s. Outlining your goals and who the audience is, is pivotal to deciding on your promotional imagery. 

Some examples of questions to ask yourself to outline your audience include:

  • What is your target demographic?
  • Where do they live?
  • What industry do they work in?
  • How much do they earn?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • How do they communicate?

03. Be relevant to your audience

Your promotional visuals need to be up-to-date and relatable to your audience. Your audience needs to feel like they connect with the imagery. Imagery that is outdated or disingenuous will not perform well. You want your promotional imagery to be fresh, fit your audience, and authentic to your brand.
Stale stock photos with no heart or authenticity will portray the wrong message. We love our images at Social Squares because we ensure that the imagery is authentic, relatable, and elevated without being stale. So make sure your images appeal to your audience.

04. Select cohesive brand images

You want to choose promotional images with intention. Consider the vibe and energy your brand exudes. One way to help define your brand vibe is to have 3 keywords that describe the “mood” of your brand.

Here are some examples:




Highlighting your keywords will ensure that your promotional imagery stays aligned with your brand, and by doing this, you will connect with YOUR audience. Your keywords will help you craft a cohesive brand AND make selecting promotional images a breeze.

05. Graphic design considerations

The final step to choosing your promotional imagery is considering what kind of graphic design you need. 

A few questions to consider:

  • What platform will you need images for?
  • Will you be adding text to the visual?
  • Will the text graphics be under or around the image?
  • Will you need more than 1 image?
  • Do you want the image to be a “WOW” or more of a subtle background image?

Answering these questions will help you define more clearly what you’re looking for, for your promotional imagery. If you need to put text onto your image, then a photo that has plenty of white space for your text graphics is what you’ll need. However, if you are running your promotion through email, consider a stand-alone image that makes your email text come to life.

Now that you have gone over the basics of what to consider before choosing your promotional imagery, it’s time for the fun part of scanning through beautiful images to select the perfect match.

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