Get Your Summer Back: Cut Your Content Creation Time in Half

Tired of spinning your wheels on content creation? Want to find a better way to post on Instagram?

Take a look behind the scenes at content batching for Instagram for small business owners.

It’s summer and the last thing we want for you is to be stuck behind a screen trying to keep up with posting and engaging for your business on the ‘Gram. 

But we also know the pressure to maintain momentum on social media so that your posts continue to be seen. Creating, planning, writing, and organizing your social media content (oh, and don’t forget about actually engaging on the platform!) can easily become a black hole for your precious time.

That’s why content batching, especially during the summer months is critical for solopreneurs and with the stock images and monthly Instagram captions that you get as a Social Squares member you will have more time to work on that summer tan instead of being tied to your phone.

Batching your content helps you show up consistently and most importantly helps you put strategic thought into EVERY. SINGLE. POST, so that each post has a plan and purpose.

Today, Michaela Bucchianeri, a health and wellness copywriter, small business owner and Social Squares member is going to break down her step-by-step process for batch creating social media content for her business. 

Michaela has one of those IG feeds that screams perfection, so we wanted to find out exactly what she does. By using google docs, Social Squares stock images, our monthly Instagram caption prompts, as well as a scheduler, Michaela is able to streamline her content creation process.

Watch how she batches content for Instagram quickly and easily:

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