Create High-Quality Graphics from Stock Photos with Canva

It was great to see everyone at last month’s Power Hour with Nicole Yang, founder of The Design Lab. Nicole is an awesome teacher and shared how to use Canva to create high-quality graphics from your stock photos.

Here are some of Nicole’s favorite tips:

  1. Use the color wheel to let Canva suggest colors from your photos and color toolbar. That is a great place to start editing your social stock photos to closely match backgrounds with graphics.
  2. In London, you “Mind the Gap” on the Tube. In Canva, you “Mind the Corners”. Leave some room at the top so the rounded corners can down to seamlessly meet your graphic. Otherwise, it can look like you’re trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. 
  3. Take care when aligning stock photos to cover a graphic like the black square of a Polaroid. You may need to scale up to cover the edges so your followers don’t see what’s underneath. 
  4. Increase the lifespan of social stock images and text by layering them on Canva templates.
  5. People process visual cues in seconds. The fastest way to turn off your audience is to give them too much information in a cluttered design. Simplify to make it easy for them to read and understand what you’re trying to share.   

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What were your favorite tips from Nicole? 

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