If you’ve been following us any amount of time then you know we’re pretty passionate about email list building.

We believe in the power of email as a tool to help build profitable businesses.

…and by now, we hope that you do too and that you’re feeling pretty passionate and confident about growing and maintaining your list.

Focusing on building an email list and nurturing the community that has chosen to hear from you, is smart business. After all, according to email statistics, for every $1 spent on email you will see almost $40 in return. So don’t leave money on the table!

With all the different marketing hats you wear in your business, you might be feeling stumped on what to send your list. It can feel overwhelming to have one more thing to have to do but we promise, your time will be well spent and you will see incredible results when you prioritize nurturing your email list.

If you’ve struggled coming up with ideas, here are 3 types of emails to send your list that will boost engagements and nurture your relationship with your subscribers.



Recap emails

One tried and true fan favorite are recap emails. In a recap, you bring your subscribers behind the curtain by sharing updates on all that is happening or has happened lately in your business.

You can include a round-up of things they might have missed and would find interesting like a podcast feature, new product or offer, latest content on the ‘gram or any insight or learnings from something you’ve been working on behind the scenes.



Blog/podcast teaser

It’s always a good best practice to drive people back to your website. This will help to increase your rankings on Google by letting the search engine know your content is interesting and valuable.

Sending this type of email to your list is a win-win because, on top of boosting traffic, it will also boost your credibility and positioning as an expert in your niche.



Exclusive bonus or offer

You have access to the best beta testers in the world within your email subscribers. Remember, they opted-in to hear and learn from you. They are interested in what you have to offer.

Exclusive bonus or offer emails are great to send if you want to test the sellability of an offer or bonus before launching it to the masses. You can create a discounted deal that’s exclusive to your list for them in exchange for their feedback and testimonial.. 



With these 3 types of emails to send to your list, the most important thing to remember is to keep them relevant to what you have to offer. This will ensure that you list stays active and engaged with your content.


Need more tips on how to nurture your email list to boost sales? Download our guide:

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