3 Reasons to Include Pinterest in Your Marketing Strategy

Are you using Pinterest to market your business? With over 365 million users, Pinterest is the perfect place to drive traffic to your website, grow your email list, and ultimately, elevate your business. 


When I’m working with students, many feel exhausted by their current social media marketing platforms and are reluctant to add one more marketing channel like Pinterest. I really encourage them to view Pinterest not as a social marketing channel, but rather, as a virtual search engine that can greatly amplify their current marketing efforts— without reinventing the wheel! In this blog post, I’m going to share 3 reasons to use Pinterest for your business.

Pinterest Content is Evergreen

If you are anything like me, I appreciate the evergreen trees in my landscaping. They work hard to create a beautiful space for my garden year round. Like low maintenance shrubs and trees, evergreen content like blog posts, YouTube Videos, and podcasts, can consistently drive brand awareness and traffic to your website, on autopilot. 


During a busy client period, once you implement Pinterest, you can reliably allow Pinterest to generate leads and inquiries to your business — without constantly creating fresh content. Content on Instagram and Facebook get buried within days, if not hours. Content on your website lives forever, and with the right SEO/Pinterest strategy, content can be discovered by search all year!



Repurpose your Social Media Strategy for Pinterest

Working hard to create original, engaging content for your audience? There’s no reason why you can’t repurpose that Instagram story or reel on Pinterest. Or, embed that YouTube video that took hours to film and edit into a blog post with beautiful branded pins.  Podcaster? Summarize your conversation or content into a blog post and share with a pin. You might be surprised how much your audience prefers reading versus listening (I am a blog skimmer!). 


If you are maintaining an Instagram feed (with gorgeous images from Social Squares), you can share your Instagram squares directly to Pinterest once you confirm your Instagram account with Pinterest. This is a great way to connect your Pinterest and Instagram audience together. 


Pinterest can work on auto-pilot


Pinterest loves fresh content and in the early stages of your Pinterest business profile, creating new pins regularly can really help your account grow, but if you are anything like me, you are a busy business owner! I manage many Pinterest accounts at once using my favorite Pinterest automating tool, Tailwind App. Tailwind App allows you to set up a ‘queue’ of pins in advance at the optimal times so you don’t have to babysit the platform (I’ve got three kids and plenty of hands to hold in real life!).


Using great stock imagery, like those found in the Social Squares collections, you can create multiple variations of pins that lead back to the same blog post. Not only does this save time and boost your traffic, Pinterest highly recommends this technique to keep your Pinterest content fresh. Additionally, creating several high-quality pin images can fill your queue on Tailwind fast so you can set it and forget it (and give your energy to something else). 


Homework: Grab your favorite photo editing tool (I like Canva!) and play with different pin images and titles for your most popular blog post.

Ready to take the leap with Pinterest?


Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool to use in your business! Using great imagery, beautiful content, and automating tools, marketing your business on Pinterest has never been easier. 

Interested in learning more? You can download my free Pinterest marketing guide at https://vanessakynes.com/pinterest-start-guide/.




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