2 Sales Funnel Mistakes That Are Costing You Money—And How to Fix Them by Flodesk

As we all know, your email list is your brand’s best friend. But how do you turn an email subscriber into a new client or sale? We have two words for you: sales funnels. A sales funnel is a series of emails that you send to people after they sign up for your amazing lead magnet with the goal of making a sale. 

It’s like when you’re at the farmer’s market and you get lured to a booth because of the free peach samples (the lead magnet) and end up buying kale, pluots and dandelion greens, too (yes, a good sales funnel can even help you sell something like dandelion greens!). 

Each email builds upon the other by:

  • speaking to your new subscribers’ pain points
  • providing value through education and resources
  • helping them learn more about your brand
  • positioning your product or service as something they just have to have
  • and, finally, making the ask!

So what exactly should you write about and in what order? 

The Social Squares team put together a great guide on a simple 5-day sales funnel strategy that you can use right now. 

Since you know your new subscribers are already interested in your brand (they wouldn’t have opted in otherwise), your sales funnel is a powerful tool to convert them into a paying customer. 

But before you hit send, make sure your sales funnel is optimized to convert by avoiding these two common mistakes.


Sales Funnel Mistake #1: Ignoring the Importance of Imagery

Many brands skimp on including images in their emails (or don’t give it enough thought) simply because they don’t have the bandwidth or resources to create high-quality photos. But including photos helps break up text and build your brand, making it easier for your readers to absorb your message and to keep them engaged. An easy way to include more photos in your emails is to use a mix of your own images and styled stock. 

Here’s how to make your message pop with styled stock photography.  

    1. Mix it up. Use a mix of your own brand images and stock photography. For your welcome email and your hard-sell emails, be sure to use at least one of your own brand photos. Then add in as many stock photos as you want. Just make sure to keep them on-brand (more on this below). 
    2. Curate your colors. Pick images with colors in your brand palette. Following a color theme can provide a cohesive look and tell a powerful story. In each email, you can:
      1. use stock photos that include a range of colors from your brand palette (for example, if your brand colors are cream, navy and emerald, pick photos that include all of these colors in your emails)
      2. stick to one brand color in each email for high impact (to continue the above example, your welcome email would include cream images only, your second email would include only navy images, etc.)
    3. Make ‘em catch feels. Select images that inspire how you want your subscribers to feel when working with your brand or using your products. Think of a couple of words that describe this feeling and keep them in mind when picking your images. Make it feel intentional by picking photos that fit within a theme, like food, fashion, travel, etc.
    4. Complement your copy. Pick images that show what you’re saying. For example, if your email says “we’re so excited you’re here” pick an image that’s celebratory. Or if you’re popping into the inbox “for a virtual coffee date,” illustrate that with a cozy coffee shop image.

Sales Funnel Mistake #2: Skipping Email Design

Once you’ve written your sales funnel copy (great job!) and picked your brand and stock images (amazing), don’t forget your email design. This step is so important but often overlooked. Like most things in life, presentation is everything!

You could have the best copy and photos, but if your emails aren’t designed well, no one’s going to read them—or buy from you. And getting sales is the ultimate job of your sales funnel.

Luckily, email marketing software for small business, like Flodesk, makes it super easy to design beautiful emails that convert. 

Our proprietary Layout Blocks help you create gorgeous email graphics, add a cursive signature sign-off, and match your email font to your brand’s using a huge variety of specialty fonts. Skip those third-party apps you used to use to create custom email graphics and create them right within Flodesk. 

Want to create sales funnels that convert?

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Supercharge Your Sales Funnels

Sales funnels done right can help you make the most of your email subscribers by warming them up and converting them to a sale. Make your sales funnel pop by mixing your own brand images with on-brand stock imagery and include these in beautifully designed email graphics created right within Flodesk. You’ll be on your way to sending stunning emails that get more sales in no time!

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