The Easy Way To Find Stock Images That Are Perfect For Your Brand

In this 3 minute video, Shay is taking you behind the scenes of something that you might not get to see if you’re not a Social Squares member. And what we want to show you is something that only Social Squares offers. Introducing: Custom Curation!


As a Social Squares member, in addition to getting access to the entire catalog of images, which at this point, is well over 5,000! So if that seems a little bit overwhelming, we want to show you what we’ve done to make it easier than ever to find the images that are going to be a perfect fit for your brand


When you are a member of Social Squares, you can set up your own Custom Curation preferences. That’s where you tell the Social Squares algorithm, the color palettes and keywords associated with your brand that you’d like us to pull specifically for you. 


We hope this video walkthrough gives you an idea of how easy it is to access your very own custom curated collection that’s pulled specifically in your color palette, and it’s going to be a great fit for your brand. 


We’re really excited about this. So if you’ve never given Social Squares a try, we hope that maybe this will convince you to give it a try this month. There are more images than ever and we’re pretty convinced you are going to totally love it.


Ready for more tips on how to select the best images for your brand? Download our free guide, How To Select The Right Images For Your Brand: So You Can Charge More & Attract The Right Clients by clicking the banner below.



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