The Art of Making Social Stock Photography Look Like Very Own Organic Images

We love how our members are always surprising and delighting us with how they use Social Squares’ stock photography and make them their own, as if they were on location directing photoshoots for their specific needs. If that’s what your customers think, don’t worry, we’ll never tell.  Your secret’s safe with us!

We know the right photography can be a tremendous asset to social media. But who has the time and resources to book photographers, stylists and creative directors when you have a business to grow?  That’s exactly why we curate thousands of social stock images that can help your social media stand out from the pack and help boost your following to the next level. 


Here are some tips to make our stock photography look like it was created just for you:

Critically evaluate your top picks or “selects” by examining each one to see how well it fits:

  • Your Story
  • Your Business
  • Your Brand
  • Your Style
  • Your Voice
  • Your Social Media Platform of Choice 

Let’s consider an image of a painting that you just love. Does it have anything to do with your coffee shop business? A painting of a piping hot cup of coffee or a vivid close-up of steam coming off the top of a cup of coffee that’s so strong, you can smell the coffee, might be a great image for you. But if the image has nothing to do with your business, it’s not a good fit. Similarly, an image that is perfect for Instagram may not be ideal for your LinkedIn audience.


The key to making your social stock photos seamlessly integrate into your social presence (as if they’re organic images rather than stock) is to ensure every photo fits your aesthetic in terms of brand, style and voice. Remember, besides being #1 in image quality, we’ve also built some pretty nifty features to help you quickly search and sort through thousands of images by different categories, colors, and keyword searches, making it easy to find the best images that reinforce your brand. You can also check out our video tutorials on how to find images in your membership “How To” section.

Once you’ve found images that speak to you and fuel your creativity, don’t forget to include custom text and photo captions that deliver your brand message and call to action.


 When your brand reputation matters, Social Squares has you covered. With thousand of images and these tips, we invite you to use our stock images that tell the story of you and your business.  

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