The Journal

July 4, 2022


How would people describe YOUR brand if you weren’t in the room? 

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has famously been quoted saying, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” 

In the eyes of your potential client or customer, your product or service is only worth the quality of the images you’re using to showcase it.

This means that the high-quality content you spent hours creating and promoting could be wasted if your products or services are poorly represented with bad photos. 

Think about it. Have you ever come across a landing page that lacked cohesiveness or was flooded with low quality images and wanted to close your tab immediately?

When you don’t use enticing, on-brand images to complement your sales copy, people may never get to experience the transformation that we both know you provide. 

Styled stock photography can immediately increase your brand’s perceived value by taking your quality product or service and giving it the perception to match! We have seen businesses triple their revenue once they start using styled stock because the value of their offerings was finally being recognized!

In this guide, we’re sharing 3 ways that you can increase the perceived value of your product or service with styled stock photography. 

1. Use Styled Stock In Your Next Big Launch

Successful launches require more than simply sharing your offer and hoping people sign up or buy.

When you launch your service or product, you must dedicate time and effort to promoting it, creating brand awareness, and answering the questions your potential customers may have. This means you’ll need copy and photos for your captions, emails, landing page, and more. 

Using styled stock photos for your next launch instead of creating and editing your own images or spending thousands on a brand shoot will not only help you save time and money but also give you more confidence around your offer. 


2. Entice Leads With Captivating Photos For Your Lead Magnet

Your lead magnets are the very beginning of your sales funnel. Once your leads opt in to your lead magnet, you have a chance to make a good impression. 

Using high quality styled stock photos to match your high quality lead magnet will position you as an authority, convince your lead that your upsell is worth it, and turn them into repeat customers. 

You can also use styled stock images to show them the value that they’ll receive from your lead magnet before they opt in!


3. Create A Cohesive Look For Your Website & Social Media Platforms

I bet you’ve spent hours digging through a free stock photo website, trying to find the perfect photo that matches your brand’s colors and vibe. 

After all, you invested a lot of time into curating an amazing blog post and it’s only right you accompany it with an amazing photo that showcases your brand and entices your readers. 

You find the perfect photo. Congrats! But then you’re scrolling through Pinterest just to find that someone else used the exact same photo for their post. Not a great feeling, huh?

Don’t get us wrong. When your business is starting out and you’re not generating enough revenue, using free stock photos may be the right choice for you financially. However, when your business begins to grow and you have more and more offers to launch or products to sell, it’s time to polish up your brand. 

With just a few styled stock photos from our gallery, you can create a strong brand presence across all of your platforms – your website, Pinterest pins, social media, newsletter promotions, and so much more!


To get more inspiration about how you can use our styled stock, download our FREE guide below.