The Journal

July 4, 2022

Business Planning For The New Year

Which statement do you relate to the most:

  1. I have a solid plan in place to smoothly run my business! 
  2. I feel like I am constantly running around in circles trying to get on top of everything!

If your answer is number 2, then you are in the right place! By the end of this post you will know what our secret here at Social Squares is to stay on track with a plan and strategically grow as a business. What’s even better is that it includes a hotel, fun snacks and your laptop! Who wouldn’t want that!?

It’s so easy to get caught up in doing all the work and mindlessly completing “tasks” – the customer service, answering the calls, making sales, shipping products and so on. Have you ever stopped to evaluate if it is all working? It is a common mistake that entrepreneurs make when they fail to build in time to think about their business strategically. The key being, BUILDING IN TIME.

Each year our CEO Shay Cochrane, takes a weekend away by herself. She arranges her husband to be with the kids, she books a hotel for 2 nights, orders all her snacks and prepares to intentionally think about where we want to go next year. Hint: you can budget this weekend as a necessary business expense!

To listen to Shay talk about this process personally, check out The Brands That Book podcast:



As an extra little gift to you, you can download Shay’s personal end of year business assessment and planning guide! This will really help you break down and evaluate each area of your business.