Simplify Your Social Media Content by Amber LaShawn

You’ve got better things to do than spend endless hours creating content for your business.

Raise your hand if you’ve fallen in the trap of creating post after post, wondering why you aren’t seeing any ROI. ????????‍♀️

I know I have. 

For me, one of those reasons for lack of ROI was I was drowning in social media tasks. I spent my days trying to do it all. I’m talking: 

  • Instagram 
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest 
  • E-mail 
  • TikTok 

You name it, I was doing it. One day, I finally burned out and grew tired of not making money, so I conducted an audit on my marketing tasks to see where I had room for improvement. 

Similar to Pareto’s principle, most of what I was doing to market my business was a waste of time. 

Simplifying and streamlining my social media content allowed me to save time, reduce stress and increase my revenue almost instantly. 

If you’ve fallen into the trap of trying to do all the things in order to market your business, I’m here to tell you… take a step back and run an 80/20 analysis on your marketing tasks. 

To get you started, here are 3 Ways You Can Streamline Your Social Media Content Today:


1.Batch your tasks and only do the things that actually matter

Make a list of the tasks associated with creating content for your business. Remove any tasks that do not directly grow your audience, help build relationships, or lead to sales. 

It’s important to keep in mind that you do NOT have to be everywhere online. If you’re currently trying to juggle 4+ social platforms, all on your own, then I encourage you to consolidate to 1-2 and watch your task list instantly shrink. Consider expanding your social platforms once you are able to bring on team members to help you manage the increased task load. 

Once you have the important tasks outlined, group the like tasks and schedule time to work on them. This may look something like: 

  • Map out content topics for Instagram and email marketing
  • Write captions 
  • Write emails 
  • Design graphics in Canva 
  • Select photos + shoot any photos needed to compliment topics
  • Schedule content 

By batching your content, you’re able to keep your brain focused on similar tasks, thus boosting productivity because your brain isn’t attempting to muti-task. 


PRO TIP: Assign these tasks to specific days of the week or month so that you develop a routine. 

2. Use a scheduler to automate posting

Gone are the days where you have to post to social media in the moment. You now have the ability to automate most of your social presence- do it, girl! Don’t get caught up in a strong desire to have control and post everything in real time. You’ll create more work for yourself, and will find yourself straying away from your money making tasks. 

Utilizing platforms like  gives you the opportunity to automate posts, so that you never forget to post again. Imagine going on vacation and not having to skip a beat in your social media marketing. 


3. Outsource, no matter how small 

Analyze the tasks that take you way too long to complete, or that you constantly procrastinate on. Let’s be honest, you’re not going to enjoy, or even be good at, every task you may need to complete in order to market your business online. By now you know that time is money, and while you can’t buy yourself more time, you can buy someone else’s. 

I know you’re probably thinking, “But Amber, I don’t have the budget to outsource yet.” 

Good news, outsourcing doesn’t have to be a major investment. 

Yes, it would be great to hire a virtual assistant to take a few tasks off your plate, or an Instagram manager to hand off all things Insta to. But, if you’re not ready to make that commitment, you can start small. For example: 

  • Purchase Canva templates 
  • Leverage stock photo memberships like Social Squares 
  • Hire a photographer instead of taking pictures yourself 
  • Ask family and friends to step in and help 

By streamlining your social media content, you bring ease to the task of marketing your business. Marketing is one task that can’t be avoided when it comes to building your brand. While you can’t cross it off as a non-revenue generating task, you can simplify and streamline how you approach the process. 

You can do this! 


Want more tips on how to streamline your biz and prioritize the things that actually help you make a profit? Download our free guide.


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