Instagram Improvements: Get Ready to Capitalize & Reap the Rewards

It’s true that Instagram is evolving from an app to share photos to one that shares full-screen videos. Of course we’d never leave you on your own to figure it out! Rest assured Social Squares is here to help you navigate the changes. And show you how to make them work to your advantage!

While this decision to lead with video has caused some uproar, remember that businesses and social platforms are always changing. Here’s an overview of what’s happening, what you can do to adapt and how Social Squares is responding.

Let’s Dig In

Facebook-owned Instagram already shows recommended photos in user feeds, and we believe images will continue to play an important role. But, if Instagram is vital to your digital marketing strategy and you want to grow on the platform, you’re going to have to play along, incorporate video and pivot with them.

Why? As you know, engagement with your content is the name of the game on Instagram. The algorithm will favor video content as it can have higher engagement and it provides Instagram with captive audiences to sell to its advertisers.

Some good news is that they are improving video delivery. Have you ever noticed some of those 15- and 30-second videos, and the live videos that can run for up to 4 hours, are a little choppy, to say the least? They did, too. So get ready for smoother video streams in the app. Hooray!

Change is in the Air. Here are some things you can do to ride the wave.

  • If Instagram is a primary marketing tool for your business, embrace the change and add videos to your brand strategy. Just don’t complicate or over think it. Your content plan should include simple reels, casual stories, or styled video to do the trick.
  • Your dad was right…don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. When you do, you’re always at the mercy of the social platforms that own their members and rent them to you. Diversify your marketing strategies beyond social platforms to include things like content and email marketing that empower you to directly own the relationship with your subscribers.
  • Continue to consistently post images to your feed. If you only post video, visitors have to comb through video content to get to know you. Keep the images flowing to make it easy for them to get an at-a-glance feel for who you are and what you do.
  • Use styled stock, like the exquisite images at Social Square, for your video thumbnail images to help build and strengthen your brand identity.

Social Squares’ Final Thoughts:

  • Imagery has stood the test of time across mediums. It is not going anywhere and will continue to be essential to both brand identity and marketing strategy for the long term. We will continue to provide the most beautiful, polished and professional stock imagery on the market for female entrepreneurs!
  • Shifts in social marketing practices, trends and technology are inevitable and can panic novice and seasoned solopreneurs alike. We’ve been there and are committed to calming your concerns with our tried and true (not trend dependent) marketing strategies that will help you realize real business growth (not just vanity metrics).
  • We’re exploring options to curate the finest collection of stock video content for female entrepreneurs! As you develop your video content calendar, we’d love to learn more about your needs. email us at or comment below.

Watch below for Shay’s personal message to you about Instagram’s Changes. What are your thoughts?

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